Services in Kuusamon Tropiikki and in the area

Reception is open 24 h, tel. +358 300 870 962 or +358 300 870 963

Internet connection
Free wireless internet access in hotel rooms and holiday apartments 

Other services
Car rental
Grocery store 2 km
Pharmacy 5 km
Doctor 5 km
Cross-country track 500 m

Welcome to Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki!

We want to protect the health of our customers and employees, so kindly don't travel if you're feeling sick. We recommend that you maintain adequate safety distance and good hand hygiene in our locations. Our staff wears masks and we recommend that our customers also use masks indoors.

Our restaurants will be closed by midnight at latest and serving of alcoholic beverages will end at 11 pm. We offer a take-away service for pickup customers. R-kioski is open 24 hours a day.

Spa, bowling and Angry Birds park are open as follows:

  • Spa 12 am–8 pm
  • Bowling Tue–Sat 12 am–6 pm, Sun-Mon closed
  • Angry Birds park 12 am–6 pm
  • Hotel reception 24/7


(Updated 14th of February 2022)

Contact info

Welcome to Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki!

  • Reception is open 24/7
  • The key service locates at the reception
  • Left-luggage space at the reception

  Check-in Check-out
Hotel at 3 pm at 12 pm
Holiday houses
Lomatropiikki, Lomaparatiisi, Lampitropiikki, Rantatropiikki at 4 pm at 12 pm
Kuusamon Tähti at 5 pm at 10 am
Villas apartments at 3 pm at 12 pm

Kylpyläntie 5
93600 Kuusamo

Arriving at the resort

Parking in Kuusamo Tropic is free. Heating poles are also available, more information at the hotel reception. There are electric car charging points in the car park. Virta application: 4 x 22kW, free download with mobile application. Tesla Destination Charger: 2 x 22kW, free for Teslas.

Customer Service
Call +358 300 870 900
Mon–Fri 9 am to 5 pm, Sat 9 am to 2 pm
0,49 €/min + local/mobile network payment, queuing is also chargeable

Kuusamon Tropiikki Reception 24 hours a day
Call +358 300 870 961
0,49 €/min + local/mobile network payment, queuing is also chargeable

Lost and found
You can inquire about lost items by 
contacting directly to the Finnish Lost and Found Service.

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