New Golf Park Villas apartments at Katinkulta

The new Golf Park Villas apartments will be completed at Katinkulta by Easter, and their rental will start on 2 April 2021.


katinkulta-Golfpark2-havainne-415x310.jpgVirtual photo of the new style and furnishings 

A total of 12 new Villas apartments will be completed at Holiday Club Katinkulta. The layout of the apartments is the same as in the previously completed Katinkulta Golf Park Villas apartments. 

The interior design of the new Katinkulta Golf Park Villas apartments was done with close attention to our customers’ requests. The nature surrounding the apartments as well as our customers’ requests and expectations regarding holiday homes acted as the basis for the design. The planning of the new interior design and furnishings was started by reviewing customer feedback and surveying customers who had stayed in the apartments that were already in use.

Kuopio-based interior design company Hiili & Timantti was involved in the project as an interior design partner. The changes made based on customer feedback include, among others, a more contemporary style and atmosphere to the apartments, cooling air source heat pumps, balcony heaters, tableware updated with proper wine glasses and new kinds of pillows. The new apartments also have more storage, as requested, and there is more seating in the living rooms.

Katinkulta Golf Park Villas apartments can be rented from our online store from April 2, 2021.


More information:

Holiday Club Resorts Oy, Property Manager Ville Valtanen, tel. 040 739 9118

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